Operation & Maintenance

CCC provides planned maintenance, electrical testing, facility turnarounds, and outage support shutdown to improve your facility’s reliability and operability. Our field engineers have over 40 years of combined experience and we pride ourselves in performing maintenance, testing, and repair in a safe, efficient, and reliable manner. We are proud to have a zero-incident, zero-accident record which stems from our extensive training on industry standards.

We provide maintenance and testing for a variety of industries on a national and international scale including power generation, oil, gas, chemical, general manufacturing, and power transmission and distribution (substation maintenance). During our maintenance testing, we can check the functionality of your equipment, make any repairs necessary, and perform the following tests and more:

        • Relay testing

        • Transformer testing

        • Breaker timing

        • Travel tests on breakers

        • Oil tests on transformers

        • Industrial Electrical I

        • Instrumentation & Control

        • Switchgear


We have the capability and resources to staff for scheduled outages and provide maintenance testing and repairs based on our clients’ needs and schedule. We understand the importance of being able to perform maintenance and testing during planned outages and other periods depending on the equipment maintenance intervals. At CCC, we make our clients the highest priority and strive to simplify and streamline all of your maintenance needs.


At CCC, the bottom line has always and will always be about providing quality services safely and with integrity. When you trust your operations and electrical maintenance to CCC, you can rest assured that we will follow through on our commitment to quality. You can trust us to be on time and dependable when you need us, because we understand how critical it is for your facility outages to remain on schedule.

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